Music workshops

Tim Welvaars & Naomi Adriaansz organize music workshops in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. During an intensive music week or mid-week they teach the students how to improve both playing together as well as improvising on an individual level. The days are filled with lessons, jamming, relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Normally all instruments and levels are welcome on this great learning experience.
Upcoming workshops 2019  
* Ensemble workshop from 29 March (arrival) to 5 April (check out) in the Ardennes, Belgium. Theme: t.b.a..
* Harmonica workshop (for chromatic harmonica players) from 5 April (arrival) to 12 April (check out) in the Ardennes, Belgium.
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Please contact Naomi or Tim for more information or a reservation:
* Naomi Adriaansz: +31(0) 6 41 33 88 29
* Tim Welvaars: +31(0) 6 53 26 65 84
Check the (subtitled) videos below for our past workshops and reviews of our students >>

Music with more than love

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