14 Jan: ‘Goldsnabel’ Release Concert

Join Amsterdam Connection during the ‘Goldsnabel’ Release Concert at cafe Oncle Jean, Breda (NL) on Saturday 14 of January. From 14.30h – 17.30h.  Free entrance.

The concert is characterised by the official launch of Tim’s new chromatic harmonica, the Goldsnabel. The Goldsnabel is produced by the dutch DeQuelery windinstruments. Tim has always been an official Hohner endorser, playing the Toots Mellowtone for at least 25 years. Tim became an official DeQuelery artist in June 2016.

** watch the video below to listen to Tim’s story and how the Goldsnabel sounds.

** listen to some recordings: video1 and video2

INTRODUCTION OFFER for harmonica players
When you order the Goldsnabel before 31 December you take advantage of a 90 euro discount. The production time is 6 weeks. You can order here or via email info@dequelery.nl .

Plus – when you’ve ordered the Godsnabel – I offer you a one time 50% discount on your next Tims Tiny Tunes order (scores, backing tracks, courses and my CD’s). Send me an email : tims.tiny.tunes@gmail.com